Bank History

Guthrie County State Bank was chartered on October 17, 1931, with a Capital of $37,500. As of 12/31/17, that Capital has grown to more than $11,900,000.

The original Capital was provided by G.M. Barnett, Sr. and several local citizens. Mr. Barnett was President of the Bank from 1931 until May 1959. His son, G.M. Barnett, Jr., succeeded him as President until January 31, 1983. Roger Underwood was then elected President and served in that capacity until 2003. At that time, Barry Monaghan became president and remained until October 1, 2012, when Mike Underwood was elected president by the board of directors.

The original Guthrie County State Bank Board of Directors included G.M. Barnett, Sr., O.C. Hawkins, T.E. Daugherty, W.R. Hartman, Cary Headlee, H.E. Ellett and E.E. France.

The present Board of Directors includes Jamie Patrick, Larry Brandt, Scott Gonzales, Barry Monaghan, Patrick Moylan, Dave Reinhart, Mike Underwood and Roger Underwood.

A history of the deposits reflects the changes in the economy from the opening day of the bank until the present time. These deposit amounts are as of December 31st, on the following years:

Year   Deposits
1931   $292,500
1941   $1,362,000
1951   $4,315,000
1961   $4,618,000
1971   $9,641,000
1981   $24,735,000
1991   $35,311,000
2001   $57,470,000
2011   $85,594,000
2018   $110,070,964

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