Announcing Our Lucky Day Sweeps Winners!


We had 65 lucky winners between March 20 and April 28 in our GCSB Lucky Day Sweeps! Every Friday we randomly selected debit card transactions between $25 – $1,000 to repay or credit back to customer accounts.

Using your GCSB Visa debit card always helps you win - it's convenient, safe and accepted almost anywhere. Now, we are issuing EMV cards, which offer even better protection from card fraud. Talk to your universal banker or loan officer for more information. Watch for our next promotion and it could be your lucky day!


Patricia Monthei
Curt Knapp
Mary Anderson
Craig Morris
Frank Paulus
Kooper Duis
Robert Stewart
Jeff Schmitz
Ashley Bettey
Kane Powell
Carrie Stein


George Hunt
Gail Hartleben
Jesse Ocker
Bagley Locker
Edward Mahlstedt
Philip Halsey
Cinda Jean Melton
Thomas Gaylord
John Rhoten
Emily Houston


Gary Geopfert
Darin Mills
Dustin Wardyn
Ryan Arends
Destiny Watson
Whitney Brown
Don Beardsley
Bridget Meacham
Shylo Wardyn
Snyder & Sons Inc.
Eric Geckler
JoAnn Reil


Rachel Smith
Helen Ayers
Arlene Harwood
Clayton Wilkerson
Terri Leerhoff
Nancy Nelson
Clinton Matthias
Dale Hochreiter
Steve Keith
Brandon Ramsey


Rosalie Phipps
Sarah Gilge
Lilly Faucher
Justin Boettcher
Jerry Sparks
Jennifer Kling
Ana Fernandez
Megan Hilgenberg
Cynthia Goldsmith
David Todd
Sheila Houston


Ben Gilge
Maurice Russell
Nathan Brokaw
Terresa Peterson
Spencer Sloss
Gail Hartleben
Amelia Storesund
Nicole Eivins
Veneshia Storesund
Sydney Godwin
George Hemmen