Barb Vandeventer Knows the Presidents!


In our most recent newsletter, we asked a trivia question with a link to the answer on our website. Anyone who emailed us the answer was entered into a drawing to win $85 in honor of our 85th anniversary. We had several people respond with the correct answer and Barb Vandeventer was randomly picked from the list of entries. Thanks for playing, Barb!

The question was: Can you name all five of the Guthrie County State Bank presidents in order? The correct answer: G.M. Barnett, Sr. (1931 - 1959), G.M. Barnett, Jr. (1959 - 1983), Roger Underwood (1983 - 2004), Barry Monaghan (2004 - 2012), Mike Underwood (2012 - present).

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