Protect your accounts from card skimmer fraud


Skimming devices were recently found on several gas pumps and ATM machines in central Iowa. These devices can capture your personal info and card data for the potential of fraud and theft. Guthrie County State Bank continues to work hard to protect your information and the potential for fraud.  Read on to learn some ways we are working to keep your data safe.

Our Guthrie Center bank location ATM is already equipped with hardware to detect a skimming device and our Panora bank location ATM will be equipped soon. If there is an attempt to apply a skimming device to these terminals, the ATM will go out of service until it can be verified to be safe.

All of our ATM’s already have security cameras installed so that we can follow-up on any issues that might arise. In 2017, all GCSB debit cardholders will receive an EMV or chip debit card. Typical skimming devices are not able to capture encrypted information on these chip cards. This is especially helpful when you are using your card at other financial institutions or terminals.

“Always use common sense and best safety practices when using your card,” stated Kate Brown, operations specialist at Guthrie County State Bank. “Many skimming devices are attached to the card reader itself on the ATM or point of sale terminal. If something looks suspicious on the terminal, like loose parts, pieces of tape or odd attachments, don’t use it and report it immediately to an employee or the authorities.”

Other ways debit cardholders can protect their accounts include:

·       Use your PIN number on debit transactions as a second security measure.

·       Do not keep your PIN number in your wallet or purse.

·       Monitor your account through internet or mobile banking applications.

·       Download SHAZAM BOLT$ to your smartphone. This application is specific to your debit card and alerts you whenever your card number is used.

Customers are encouraged to contact the bank with any questions about debit card fraud and skimming devices.