Spring Farm Safety Reminders from Guthrie County State Bank


Guthrie County State Bank has a long history in agriculture. For more than 85 years, we’ve worked side by side with area farmers to manage their financial operations. On an annual basis, during planting and harvest seasons, we visit our customers in the fields and try to ensure we’re supporting them in their most critical time of year. While spring is a busy time of year, it’s important to remember the basics of farm safety.

“Learning and following safety and health guidelines is critical for kids as well as adults,” said Dale Behrends, vice president, Guthrie County State Bank. “When we’re in a hurry, trying to beat the weather or get to the next field, we might not pause to remember all of the farm safety rules we’ve known for many years.”

Read on to remind yourself about road safety, water dangers, and tractor safety.

First, let’s talk about road safety. Iowa’s roads can provide a scenic route to your destination. But often times our roads are narrow, curvy, unlit, and dusty. Planting season is right around the corner and there will be many slow moving tractors again on our roads. Drivers, look for flashing lights and the prominent red or orange triangle to signal the equipment up ahead. Farmers, remember to turn on your lights, take rest breaks often, and try to always have an escort vehicle help you move to a new field. Let’s all commit to share the road with each other and not be a distracted driver.

Second, there are many ways our children can get injured on the farm.  Water can be especially enticing kids.  Water in livestock tanks, ponds, creeks, manure pits, wells, and even a five-gallon bucket with water in it can be dangerous.  Watch kids closely when they are playing outside and especially near any type of standing water.  Talk with your kids about the dangers of drowning.

Last, stress and fatigue can be a big factor in any accident. Farmers can get stressed to get the crops in the field on time.  Try to not be in a hurry or take chances with any job you are doing with your tractor.  Use the roll over protection system (ROPS) and seat belt whenever and wherever applicable.  Never start an engine in a closed shed or garage due to deadly carbon monoxide gas.  Stay alert while behind the wheel, use caution on changing terrain, and especially when moving large equipment.

Slow down, look twice and let’s keep our families safe this planting season.

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