Thank you for helping us increase the #TowerOfTissue by 25% this year!

Staff members from Panorama Schools and AC/GC Schools accepted more than 130 boxes of tissue each!

The 2nd annual Guthrie County State Bank #TowerOfTissue campaign resulted in a 25% increase in the number of boxes of tissue collected for our schools! Last week, staff from Guthrie County State Bank dropped off 275 boxes of tissue, up from last year’s 220 boxes. The campaign ran from September 9 to October 16 in an effort to help the students and staff stay healthier during the school year. All tissue collected was distributed to the AC/GC  and Panorama community school districts with matching donations provided by GCSB. Thank you to our community taking part in the campaign as this is one of the most requested items by the school staffs. We are proud to share common ground with a community that gives back!