Wrapping Up the $85 for 85 Promotion!

Randy Dreher shows his 17 Lincolns as one of our $85 for 85 winners.

We recently wrapped up our $85 for 85 days giveaway promotion. Since mid-May everyday for 85 days, a winner was randomly chosen to win $85. GCSB chose the program to celebrate 85 years of serving our community with premier banking and financial services.

All current account holders were entered to win with one entry per account or service. In addition, everyone opening a new account or adding a service gained two additional entries to the program. Over the course of the promotion, $7,225 was awarded to GCSB customers and we had winners from two states (Iowa and California) and 23 different cities!

“Guthrie County State Bank would like to express our appreciation to all of our customers,” stated Mike Underwood, president & CEO of GCSB. “We are successful because of our employees, our customers and our communities and the $85 for 85 days promotion was a fitting way to celebrate our milestone anniversary."

Congratulations to our winners! (Drawing days exclude weekends and holidays.)

May 23 Steve Sorensen
May 24 Leila Hayes
May 25 William Bonar
May 26 Myrna Beeber
May 27 Cortney Herbert
May 31 Travis Miller
June 1 Ruth Benton
June 2 Erica Cleveland
June 3 Sandy Rummelhart
June 6 Phyllis Wakefield
June 7 Becky Bonker
June 8 Beau Cullum
June 9 Jenna Lawson
June 10 Tristen Miller
June 13 Victoria Dawson
June 14 Pam Walker
June 15 Whitney Brown
June 16 Clifford Leib
June 17 Cheryl Wichtendahl
June 20 Larry James
June 21 Angie Holloway
June 22 John Meacham
June 23 Tyson Smith
June 24 Bob Christensen
June 27 Terry Detroit
June 28 Michael Christe
June 29 Hailey Meacham
June 30 Robert DeHaan
July 1 Jonetta Long
July 5 Smokin R’s BBQ Catering Co.
July 6 Victoria Lombard
July 7 Marilyn Washburn
July 8 Kolton Schreck
July 11 Ashley Thayer
July 12 Regan Sheeder
July 13 Jake Cunningham
July 14 Erica Cozad
July 15 Marjorie Calvert
July 18 Sean Warner
July 19 Chuck Rockwell
July 20 Brian Brandow
July 21 Paul White
July 22 Bailey Peterson
July 25 David Dwyer
July 26 Bev Paulus
July 27 Tricia Rutledge
July 28 Ann Grace Krieger
July 29 Paul McCool
August 1 Patricia Buttler
August 2 Marsha McDermott
August 3 Angela Larson
August 4 Norma Ocheltree
August 5 Randy Dorr
August 8 Matthew Immel
August 9 Ryan Cline
August 10 Charles Owen
August 11 Robin Schmitz
August 12 Dennis Kuehl
August 15 Matt Larsen
August 16 Mike Navin
August 17 Tom Stine
August 18 Karen Sheeder
August 19 Annastasia Kesselring
August 22 Adam Franzeen
August 23 David Thompson
August 24 Tony Morgan
August 25 Steve Reiste
August 26 Steve Bascom
August 29 Peggy Tallman
August 30 Rush Rowan
August 31 Emily Wells
September 1 Linda Webb
September 2 Samantha Svoboda
September 6 George Young
September 7 Randy Dreher
September 8 Tiffany Steiner
September 9 Britni Stetzel
September 12 Darrell Hartle
September 13 Gunner Grunsted
September 14 Lauryn Embleton
September 15 Joe Cline
September 16 Mary Porter
September 19 Jasper Scheuermann
September 20 Jonathan Meyers
September 21 Joel Herron

85th anniversary