Dedication and Commitment: Chris Carlson, 5 years at Guthrie County State Bank

Jul 10, 2020 | General News

Chris Carlson joined Guthrie County State Bank in 2015 as a credit analyst and in 2020 we are happy to honor him for his five years of service. We asked Chris five questions to get his feedback on his role at GCSB and Guthrie County.

Are you a native or transplant to Guthrie County?

Transplant, I was born and raised in West Point, NE

What’s the best part about your job?

It’s a combination of the people and the various things I get to do. We have a great team at GCSB that makes coming to work enjoyable and every day brings something different or unique to work on. There are definitely no slow days.

What has changed in banking since you started your career?

Interest rates, they used to be real, whole numbers!

What was the first job you got paid for?

It was either getting paid to help remove carpet and flooring for my neighbor who owned a carpeting/flooring business or walking beans for my uncle & grandparents. I think I was about 11 when I started doing both.

What’s your favorite place to eat/favorite treat in Guthrie County?

This is like asking which of my kids is my favorite since we have many great places to eat in Guthrie County. And I’ve got the body to prove it! No way could I pick one place, so I’ll have to say my favorite treat is getting either a hot fudge shake at PJ’s in Panora or the black raspberry shake at M&L in Guthrie Center.