Control the Controllables!

Sep 8, 2020 | General News

Right now, between COVID, back to school, derecho, hurricanes and murder hornets, life might feel a little uncontrollable. But Guthrie County State Bank is here to save the day with updated on-line banking and mobile banking platforms! GCSB customers who already use these money management tools appreciate the convenience and security of banking anywhere, anytime. The new platforms will be available for login/download on September 14!


Our new platforms introduce five fantastic features that give you greater control over your money, your budget and your time. Plus, these tools help to deter fraud on your account and set up alerts to warn you about any unusual activity!

  • Money management – this new budget tool helps you determine where your money is being spent, so you can have more control to work toward your goals.
  • Text alerts – set alerts for balances, large purchases, and transfers so you always know what’s happening in your accounts
  • Fraud prevention – you will have greater control over your settings and password management, so you feel more secure about your account access
  • Money movement – transfer funds easily between accounts either one-time or on a schedule
  • Easy tracking – for multiple accounts, whether personal, business or community-based organization – you’ll have one username, one password and easy management for all of the accounts you manage.

For our customers who are already using Guthrie County State Bank online and/or mobile banking, updating to the new platform is easy. Our seamless online banking upgrade allows you to use the same username you’ve always had! Watch your email, our website and our social media channels for instructions on September 14.

Special Note

For customers using Intuit software (QUICKBOOKS, WebConnectNow):

If you use these programs in connection with your Guthrie County State Bank online banking accounts, please note that you need download your transactions from January 1 through at least May 31, 2020 before October 15, 2020. Transactions from June 1 to current day will be available on the new platform when we convert on September 14. If you already download your transactions monthly, you’re in control! If you typically wait until year-end, this step is a must-do!


Contact your GCSB universal banker for more information!

Guthrie County State Bank’s updated online banking and mobile banking platforms give you the control you need at a time when we don’t have control over very much!