Fraud Friday: How to stop unwanted calls

Jun 23, 2023 | General News

Scammers sure are relentless, aren’t they? If it sometimes feels like robocalls just won’t go away, that’s because they won’t. Try as you might to get rid of telemarketers and scam calls, the spam always seems to return no matter what you do.

By utilizing the internet, scammers can contact you from anywhere in the world and make you think it’s someone calling from your local area, or even your bank.

Unfortunately, while it’s true that the Federal Communications Commission has beefed up its policies around spam and robocalls, scammers don’t care if you’re on the Do Not Call list. The good news is there are two handy ways to stop these annoyances: call-blocking and call-labeling.

Call-blocking technologies stop most robocalls or scam calls so you’re never bothered by them. You can download a call-blocking app or look up how to activate the call-blocking features built into your home phone or cell phone. Though sometimes these technologies block calls you actually do want, they are quite effective at limiting spam.

Your phone carrier may also offer call-labeling, a helpful service that shows categories like “spam” or “scam likely” on your phone’s screen when you receive a call so you can decide whether to answer.

If you have any questions, let us know! We’re always here to help!