Guthrie County State Bank launches $50,000 matching donation program for AC/GC Strength & Conditioning Center equipment

Aug 8, 2020 | General News

In a final push to complete an energized fundraising effort to raise $160,000 for equipment for the new AC/GC fitness center, Guthrie County State Bank (GCSB) announced a $50,000 matching donation program. GCSB will match every dollar donated up to $25,000 until the $50,000 goal is reached.


AC/GC Community Schools will soon have a state of the art fitness center for students and the community to invest in their health and physical fitness. While the school district financed the construction of the building, the activities department was tasked with raising the $160,000 needed to equip the building with weights, machines, turf, and workout equipment. Activities Director Cody Matthewson has spearheaded the fundraising effort from zero to the $110,000 mark. GCSB’s goal is to motivate community members, alumni and friends to finish out the campaign.

“This new fitness facility is an investment in the future of our students, staff, and community,” said Mike Underwood, president and CEO of Guthrie County State Bank. “Beyond athletics, this will be a place of community connection. Healthy residents make a healthy community, which is a key component of economic vitality. We’re proud to help AC/GC make the final push to complete their fundraising.”

Students and community members frequenting the AC/GC fitness center will enjoy a spacious modern facility with free weights, cardio equipment, and access to the gymnasium. Matthewson noted that this summer the AC/GC Charger Strength and Conditioning program has averaged more than 100 students per day.

“The support from the AC/GC community for this facility and for the equipment fundraising has been outstanding,” said Matthewson. “We are thankful to Guthrie County State Bank for its leadership in making the push for the last $50,000. You can feel the excitement of our students each day as they imagine the future strength and conditioning workouts in the new facility.”

How to donate

For every dollar donated, GCSB will donate a matching dollar. As an example, a donation of $50 becomes a $100 donation. That means donations of $50 by 500 people will reach the goal of $50,000 through the matching program. Donations can be made in a variety of ways:

  • Drop off your donation in the drive-through at Guthrie County State Bank.
  • Mail your donation to: AC/GC School District, ATTN: Equipment, 906 School Street, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 50115
  • Donate online here.

For more information, visit Charger Strength & Conditioning on Facebook