EMV Cards

Increased protection from card fraud with GCSB EMV cards

Guthrie County State Bank offers the latest technology in debit cards - EMV - which provides greater peace of mind and protection from fraud when using your debit card. EMV cards, sometimes called chip cards, stands for Europay, MasterCard, Visa. The U.S. has adopted this card technology as standard to offer greater protection to cardholders and businesses from fraudulent activity. Contact us today for more information and to receive your GCSB EMV card.

Why the switch? EMV cards reduce card fraud from counterfeit, lost and stolen cards and card data. The chip on the front of the card creates a unique code for every purchase. So, even if a fraudster swiped that data, they couldn't access anything except that transaction. EMV offers better protection through enhanced card authentication, card verification and transaction authorization.

What does it look like? The EMV card is the same size and shape as your current GCSB SHAZAM Visa Debit card. The EMV cards are black and you'll notice a chip on the front of the card and a magnetic stripe on the back.

What will change? The biggest difference is that at some sale terminals or ATMs, you'll need to insert your card to be read. Not all businesses have switched to EMV terminals or enabled the technology yet. However, eventually in the U.S., all payment terminals will be chip-enabled. If the terminal is not chip-enabled yet, you will swipe the card just as you do now. GCSB encourages use of PIN-based transactions when using your card to add another layer of protection.